Wide-ranging coverage

We publish a great deal of varied content on economic and financial matters in the broadest sense. Publication is part of the Bank's sustainability efforts and our aim to be a dynamic presence in society. 

Sharing knowledge with the public

We publish educational and informative articles on private finances to our website. In these articles, the Bank’s employees discuss a myriad of topics related to finances and offer good advice. These articles are aimed at various age groups and focus on different life events.

Articles published in 2020 focused, among other things, on renting vs. buying, how to achieve good returns in a low-interest environment, the cost of short-term financing and what to keep in mind when withdrawing private pension savings. We published good advice for persons considering embarking on new projects or refinancing loans.

As our lives were increasingly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, we published articles on how to access banking services without physically visiting a bank branch and on how to tend to banking business over the Internet and phone. We also addressed the topic of how to respond to a sudden loss of income 

For our older readers, we took a look at life after retirement. Our younger audience was presented with content focused on becoming financially competent, banking for youths and children and student loans.

Cyber security continued to be front and centre in 2020. The Bank has placed strong emphasis on informing customers about the issue and our article about romance scams was popular among readers. A large part of the nation had to adjust to distance learning and working from home over the year, and we published advice on how to ensure online security at home. We were also happy to be able to present data that shows the effectiveness of education and discussion about cyber security.

Diverse content on Umræðan

We publish a wide selection of content on the economy, finances, the Bank and society to Umræðan. The Bank’s employees are active in authoring educational articles and content is presented in many different formats, such as videos and podcasts.

We ranged far and wide in 2020. We discussed developments in banking and finance and extended advice on household finances. Cyber security continued to be front and centre. The Bank has placed strong emphasis on informing customers and others about this issue.

Several articles focused on sustainable finance, including the EU’s new taxonomy, the real environmental impact of banks and Landsbankinn’s participation in PCAF, a global partnership to develop and implement a harmonized approach to assess and disclose greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. We presented detailed coverage on the finance sector and climate change, how climate change alters and increases risk in finance and about the direct and indirect cost of climate change.

The topics are also related to the community and the Bank’s partners. We looked at funding charity during a pandemic, innovation competition Gulleggið and the Politeness Prize awarded by Landsbankinn and the Football Association of Iceland (KSÍ) in junior leagues. 

The macroeconomic forecast of Landsbankinn Economic Research received considerable attention, as in previous years. We used interactive graphs and videos to present the analysis and forecast, and published slides and recordings from the meeting. Economic Research also publishes its regular bulletin on economic affairs, Hagsjá, on Umræðan, with a focus on economic developments, public finances, the real estate market, the inflation outlook etc. Regular column Icelandic Economic Weekly includes market information, a review of the previous week and calendar for upcoming financial events, publication of statistics and financial statements.

Umræðan topics

Society - Thoughtful articles and interviews about developments and changes in the community, the financial world and in Landsbankinn's operation.

Economy - Articles and research on the economy from Landsbankinn Economic Research.

Fjárhagur - Shorter, informative articles in which Landsbankinn employees share their experience and expertise on household finances and economics.


The equity market, business and industry, and various facets of the economy are the subject of our podcast. We have also discussed the social side of the Bank’s activities, such as the 20th anniversary of music festival Iceland Airwaves.

Market Affairs is focused on the equity market and the impact of recent economic developments on listed companies. The main focus is on securities and domestic market developments without forgetting general information about economics, the economy and influencing factors such as the travel industry. This podcast is intended to boost interest in and discussion about the equity market.

Economic Research prolific producer of research and analysis

The Bank’s Economic Research department produces in-depth analysis of economic developments, disseminated through several channels. The department plays a key role in shaping Landsbankinn's stance on developments and outlook in the economy, both in Iceland and abroad. Economic Research publishes a macroeconomic and inflation forecasts, prepares sector analyses, and analysis of the FX and bond markets. The department’s analysts maintained their high profile in the country’s media in 2020. Their opinion is sought after in economic affairs and their research quoted in the media.

 Economic Research published a total of X analyses in 2020 and hosted several events and information meetings on the economy. The Covid-19 pandemic coloured the department’s activities in 2020, with most events and larger meetings held electronically this year.

 The year’s largest event was the presentation of Economic Research’s Macroeconomic and inflation forecast for 2020-2023 at a well-attended online forum. The forecast was published to Umræðan as well. It is composed of in-depth analytical articles on various aspects of the Icelandic and global economy, and the outlook. Economic Research’s analysts discussed the forecast, the outlook in tourism and the real estate market at the meeting. Joan Hoey, Regional Manager, Europe, at the Economist Intelligence Unit, was a guest speaker, presenting on the economic outlook in the UK and Continental Europe.


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