Annual and ESG Report

We continued to improve digital services for companies and individuals, responded to challenges with agility and took important steps toward sustainability. The Bank has never granted as much credit for housing purchases as in 2020, with favourable terms and good service driving the Bank’s growing market share in mortgages.

Active personal customers
Market share in personal banking
Assets under management
0bn ISK
Market share in mortgages
Households with new mortgages
0bn ISK
1st place

International recognition

International finance magazines Euromoney and The Banker named Landsbankinn best bank in Iceland in 2020.

Icelandic Performance Satisfaction Index 2020


corporate transactions are self-service

In all main bank transactions for corporate customers, i.e. domestic and international payments, and claim collection, self-service levels are at 98%.


customers in the app

In December 2020, 70,000 customers used Landsbankinn’s app to tend to their banking. More customers used the app than online banking


of credit assessments are electronic


appointments were made in 2020

"We have long emphasised sustainability, social responsibility and responsible investment, and will continue resolutely on that path. The Bank has amassed a great deal of expert knowledge in the field of sustainability and action companies can take to further the cause. Opportunities abound for the Bank.“

From the Chairman of the Board of Directors

"Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank, is built on solid foundations. The Bank’s technological infrastructure is sound, its team of employees dynamic and its strategy is a clear guide to customer service that ensures mutual interests and long-term results."

From the CEO

Increased efficiency, sound operation, first-rate service and competitive terms have resulted in rising customer satisfaction. Landsbankinn is a leader in the domestic market and our journey to be an ever-smarter bank continues

Profit (ISKbn)
Return on equity (ROE)
Capital ratio

Sustainability strategy

We wish to contribute to sustainability and be a dynamic force in Icelandic society. In 2020, we enthusiastically continued our sustainability journey. We were pleased to receive excellent results in ESG risk ratings in 2020, reviewing our work on environmental, social and governance matters.

An ever-smarter bank

We aim to simplify life for our customers, taking the initiative to offer the services best suited to each and every one. We do this both by developing simple and accessible solutions that customers can access at any time and by utilising data to provide customers with personal and professional advice.


In 2020, we set ourselves a new strategy under the heading Landsbankinn, an ever-smarter bank. Our environment is undergoing extensive changes and the aim of the new strategy is to ensure that the Bank continues to develop, to offer customers the best service available.


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