Joint effort for sustainability

We wish to contribute to sustainability and be a dynamic force in Icelandic society. In 2020, we continued our sustainability journey with enthusiasm.

Sustainability strategy

We were pleased to receive excellent results in ESG risk ratings in 2020, reviewing our work on environmental, social and governance matters. We worked on our first sustainable finance framework and participated in the development of the first ever carbon accounting method for banks.

Carbon footprint

We want to know and understand the environmental impact of our operation and have taken up much more detailed calculations of our carbon footprint.

Human resources and equality

Job satisfaction measured high in 2020, despite the many challenges posed by Covid-19 and the fact that the majority of employees suddenly had to work from home.

Diverse collaboration

We participate in various projects that encourage development and progress in the community. We support several diverse projects with grants from the Community Fund, through direct support from branches to local ventures and mutually beneficial partnership arrangements.

Wide-ranging coverage

We publish a great deal of varied content on economic and financial matters in the broadest sense. Publication is part of the Bank's sustainability efforts and our aim to be a dynamic presence in society. 


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